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[Currently building]
A web app for taking walks on the Internet w/ my friend KD. Follow along on are.na.

[Recently read]
Mild Vertigo by Mieko Kanai. A dizzying stream of consciousness. Made me think of my mom.

April Chu

AboutApril is a designer that works with code. Her design practice is supplemented by research into alternative Internet & media cultures. She holds a master’s from the Creative Computing Institute (UAL) and a bachelor’s from Wellesley College. She is based in London by way of SF, BOS, & TPE.

Find her elsewhere. Available for projects!

hi@april.wiki,  read.cv,  are.na

Project Clippings

Colophon This website is hand-coded and maintained by myself with the help of KD. Built with SvelteKit. Type is set in Fluxish by OSP Foundry.

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